Kultur- und Weihnachtsmarkt Schloss Schoenbrunn 2010

Three events that will make you want to visit Vienna this Christmas

Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe no matter when you visit, but during the festive period, they pull out all the stops to make sure your Christmas getaway is an unforgettable experience. There will be some readers out there who are content with walking around the streets under the glittering seasonal […]

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How to have a great time and not die in Australia

Most people have Australia featured as top in their bucket list of places to travel, thanks to its pristine beaches and breath taking tourist attractions. However, Australia is home to some of the most poisonous animals and insects in the world. Besides animals, Australia is also home to some of the world’s most dangerous roads. […]

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Visiting Bali – What You Have To Look Forward To

Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and with good reason, as Bali is just a wonderful, temperate and beautiful part of the world. Not to mention you can get amazing value for money, as most things (off the resort) are extremely cheap! There are so many things to do […]

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African Safari

Best time for an African Safari

The best time for an African safari is towards the back end of the winter months. In South Africa, one of the most popular destinations, this would be around August to September. The back end of winter means the climate is cooler, which makes for more bearable early morning game drives. As all game drives […]

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Semarang Travel

6 Reasons to Add Semarang to your Indonesian itinerary

Semarang city, is the capital of Central Java and sits on the north coast. It’s an up and coming place with lots of development springing up around the old temples and colonial buildings of the past. It’s a place where it’s just as easy to expand your mind as it is to relax. If you […]

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Planning to buy a home in Victoria? Read this now

If you’re like most people who fell in love with Victoria the first time they set their eyes on the magnificent environment, then you should know that buying a house isn’t that different from the typical home buying process. It also involves a lot of careful research and consideration of all options available. You need […]

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How to travel light this summer

When you are jetting off for some summer relaxation there is nothing worse than getting to the airport and discovering your bag is overweight, leaving you being overcharged to get all your carefully packed items on board. Easy answer, pack smart. Here are our top tips on how to pack light this summer. Sets of […]

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Australia Travel

Awesome Ideas for a Roadtrip in Australia

For many people a roadtrip sounds like an adventure that deserves to be lived at least once in a lifetime. Seeying different places, meeting different people, eating different foods, having new experiences and most importantly having fun, that’s what you will gain when you decide to take a roadtrip in Australia, a country filled with […]

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Westminster Travel

Interesting Things to do in Westminster

The Westminster neighbourhood boasts of everything that many people think of as London. Whether it’s a Hyde Park, the Royal Albert Hall or Soho and Leicester Square, Westminster is home to some of the most popular landmarks of London. The area is much more than a parliament building and a commercial and entertainment centre of […]

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Perth – The Best Bar Crawl I’ve Ever Experienced

Perth is by far one of the most cosmopolitan and entertaining cities I have ever visited. There’s something vibrant and full of energy about every single thing this city has to offer – and that’s one of the main things that made me want to come back. Since I wanted to experience a bit of […]

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